An Hour of Old Christian and Adventist Hymns and Music

There is something about old hymns that strikes a chord with those of us born before the 80s. It could be because we are more used to songs that are packed with important bible truths.

We appear to be missing that with modern Christian music as most focus more on the rhythm in my opinion and not so much on the message the songs convey.

However not all modern songs are like that as I have been privileged to listen to some modern songs that convey the deeper teachings of the bible.

This post is dedicated to those that enjoy beautiful songs packed with the gospel and other important biblical truths.

The organisers of the concert in the video that follows this post have taken their time to unearth some songs that have largely been forgotten over the years.

I can only say wow to the songs in the video below. They have unearthed some wonderful Christian hymns gems!

I can testify that I immediately fell in love with the songs and their modern arrangement the first time I listened to them.

The songs include Lift Up The Trumpet,Tis love that makes us happy, I Am Bound for Canaan Land etc.

One of the organisers said “He said I want to us to go back and find the old hymns. The hymns the beginning of the Advent Movement and even further back than that, the ones that those in the Advent Movement were singing as their old hymns and bring them back and teach them to our young people and people that have never heard these songs before.”

The remnant church has always been known for its beautiful music and this video is evidence of that.


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