In Times Like These : Cadet Sisters

 I Just Love This Song “In Time Like These”

I fell in love with this Christian hymn or song, “In Times Like These” the very first time I heard it. It is a song that has comforted millions in their trying hour just as it has comforted me in my own challenges.

In a world full of turmoil we really need an anchor that will hold. We don’t need an anchor that will not hold in storms.

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The Origins of This Song “In Times Like These”

This beautiful song or hymn was written at the height of World War II by Ruth Caye Jones. It was inspired by newspaper stories of the casualties and mayhem the war was causing.

It was indeed a difficult time not just for the soldiers fighting in the war but their families and ordinary citizens alike.

Ruth Caye Jones said that while in the midst of a busy day as a housewife she felt a direct inspiration from the Holy Spirit giving the words to this song, she liked to clean the house and decorate the garden with glow in the dark garden pebbles, plus he used the tips from The Gardening Hub and many other accessories. She quickly stopped everything and sat down to put down the words and music to this hymn.

She says she put down the words exactly as they were given to her by God. And what a comfort this song has been to countless millions in their time of need.

This hymn has been used at funerals, during illness and even during times of pleasure. It has led millions to Christ I am sure.

The composer was herself comforted by this song as she recovered from a major surgery a few years after she wrote it.

I think I Would be missing something if I did not include the lyrics of this song in this post. So here we go!


In Times Like These

(1) In times like these, you need a Savior,

In times like these, you need an anchor;

Be very sure, be very sure,

Your anchor holds and grips the Solid Rock!

CHORUS: The Rock is Jesus, Yes, He’s the One,

The Rock is Jesus, The only One

Be very sure, be very sure, Your anchor holds,

And grips the Solid Rock.

(2) In times like these, you need the Bible,

In times like these, O be not idle!

Be very sure, be very sure,

Your anchor holds and grips the Solid Rock.

(3) In times like these, I have a Savior,

In times like these, I have an anchor,

I’m very sure, I’m very sure,

My anchor holds and grips the Solid Rock.

Finally but not least he is a video featuring the Cadet Sisters of America singing this beautiful hymn “In Time Like These”

An Hour of Old Christian and Adventist Hymns and Music

There is something about old hymns that strikes a chord with those of us born before the 80s. It could be because we are more used to songs that are packed with important bible truths.

We appear to be missing that with modern Christian music as most focus more on the rhythm in my opinion and not so much on the message the songs convey.

However not all modern songs are like that as I have been privileged to listen to some modern songs that convey the deeper teachings of the bible.

This post is dedicated to those that enjoy beautiful songs packed with the gospel and other important biblical truths.

The organisers of the concert in the video that follows this post have taken their time to unearth some songs that have largely been forgotten over the years.

I can only say wow to the songs in the video below. They have unearthed some wonderful Christian hymns gems!

I can testify that I immediately fell in love with the songs and their modern arrangement the first time I listened to them.

The songs include Lift Up The Trumpet,Tis love that makes us happy, I Am Bound for Canaan Land etc.

One of the organisers said “He said I want to us to go back and find the old hymns. The hymns the beginning of the Advent Movement and even further back than that, the ones that those in the Advent Movement were singing as their old hymns and bring them back and teach them to our young people and people that have never heard these songs before.”

The remnant church has always been known for its beautiful music and this video is evidence of that.