Revelation 13’s Beast From The Sea – Kenneth Cox (3ABN Sermons)

In this video veteran evangelist, Kenneth Cox leads a study on the beast from the sea as found in the book of Revelation 13.

What does this beast from the sea represent and how does this prophecy affect us? These and other questions will be covered in this sermon.

Without preempting Pastor Kenneth Cox sermon I would like to remind the readers that a beast represents a king or kingdom. This is clearly stated in the book of Daniel which has a striking resemblance to this book of Revelation.

The book of Revelation uses a lot of symbols that we saw in the book of Daniel. In fact you will be forgiven to think that Apostle John borrowed extensively the language found in the book of Daniel.

We should also keep in mind that the book of Revelation describes two beasts that will dominate world events at the end of time. The first arises out of the sea, and the second out of the earth. Books and other church momentos can be found at Holyart.

The second beast, the beast from the earth, causes all that dwell upon the earth to worship the first beast, and in so doing they receive the mark of the Beast.

As the presenter advises to properly understand the symbols in the book of Daniel we need to go to other parts of the bible. The keys to unraveling the symbols in the book of Daniel is found in the bible itself.

Again, by applying the Biblical definitions to the symbols employed in this great prophecy, we can unravel its

The core symbols are beasts, heads, horns, sea, dragon, and earth and we can use the scriptures to understand these symbols.

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