Revelation 6 : Seven Seals by Pastor Kenneth Cox

Seven Seals of Revelation 6

This is a study of Revelation 6 focusing on the seven seals.

In our study of  Revelation 5 we saw how the Father handed over His rule of the world to the Lord Lord Jesus. Jesus presented as the Lamb of God in the book of Revelation has taken the scroll [biblion] of God’s eternal purpose from “the one who was seated on the throne” (Rev. 5:7, NRSV).

Jesus in now in control, He reigns in heaven and earth. Only through him can we have our salvation and only through him can we approach the Father.

The scroll that Jesus received from the father has seals that need to be broken to see its contents. This is where we are now in Revelation 6. Someone needs to open the seals.

Fortunately for us the crucified and risen can and will open the seven seals of the heavenly scroll. This is because of the authority given to him by the Father in Revelation 5.

He has the authority to execute the judgments of God whose item aim is the final establishment of God’s kingdom on earth. He is qualified and in fact He is the only one who can open these seals.

No angel, no human being is qualified to open these seals. Only the Son of God who died on the Cross and rose from the dead can open these seals on behalf of the Father.

We should also note that Christ is a free agent and could have refused to open the seals but He loves us very much. It is out of this love that He accepted to become a man and die on the cross of Christ.

As a response of this love and Christ’s willingness to open the seals the whole universe sings anthems worshipping God and the Lamb.(Revelation 5:13,14). He is indeed worthy of our praise.

Another thing that any scholar of the book of Revelation will immediately realise is that the book of Daniel and the book of Revelation have so many things in common.

In the book of Daniel we have the son of man going to the father to receive dominion and in Revelation 5 we see the initial fulfillment of this vision. This is even before the final judgment begins.

Professor Ranko Stefanovic of Andrews University explains this progressive fulfillment of God’s prophetic Word: “With the taking of the biblion [scroll] the whole destiny of humankind is put into the hands of the enthroned Christ; hence it is indeed the heavenly book of destiny. On the basis of its contents he would judge, hence, the judgment book.”

Video Bible Study on Revelation 6 by Kenneth Cox

In the video below Pastor Kenneth Cox of Kenneth Cox Ministries in the United States leads a bible study on the book of Revelation 6. This is a verse by verse study of this chapter.

Kenneth Cox has spent decades studying the book of Revelation and you will notice that as you watch the video below.

For those interested in further study of the book of Revelation I would urge you to buy Professor Ranko Stefanovic book, The Revelation of Jesus Christ. It is a verse by verse commentary on the book of Revelation. It is definitely one of the most well researched studies in the book of Revelation.

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