Dr CD Brooks Preaching on The Spirit of Prophecy

In this sermon titled, The Spirit of Prophecy,  Dr CD Brooks talks about the gift of the spirit of prophecy. The bible lists various gifts that enrich the Christian experience and one of those gifts is the gift of prophecy.

The bible says that these gifts will exist until the end of the world. Nowhere in scripture do we find a verse that says the gifts were only for the New Testament times only. We should expect God to continue to bless and equip the Church with spiritual gifts.

The purpose of spiritual gifts such as the gift of prophecy,  is to bring about unity, equip God’s people for the work of ministry, build up the body of Christ, protect it from being deceived by false doctrine, and foster individual and collective spiritual growth (Ephesians 4:11-15). God’s church will only prosper if we heed the words of our prophets.

The fact that the devil can counterfeit spiritual should not be an excuse for us to ignore the genuine gifts of the Spirit. Our duty is to test the gifts and benefits from the genuine ones. As Christ said by the fruits shall you know them.

We all need to affirm our commitment to “believe His prophets” (2 Chronicles 20:20), that we may prosper in fulfilling our mission to the world and thus hasten the coming of Jesus.




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